Negative Effects of Technology on Human Health

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Technology has been the major determining factor in our society today, but there is no solution without its cons. Technologic advancement has provided a solution to a major issue in the human daily life range from transportation, entertainment, medicine, communication and other aspects of our life, but with this advancement comes the problem of pollution from transit, outbreak of a deadly virus, and some many others you can think of.

Technology today as both good and bad side, the bad aspect of tech is even quit much more than its good part although we don’t pay much attention to the deadly and bad aspect because we are overwhelmed with the joy and satisfaction tech gadgets and tools give to us. For an instant, we love to watch various shows on the television and we do not pay attention to some of the rays coming out of the television that could be harmful to our body system.

We make use of microwaves to heat food before eating using a plastic container, and neglecting the fact that some of the particle making up the plastic container will be part of our food this is true because with the basic understanding of science we all know that particle in either solid, liquid or gases state moves, even though the movement in solid is quit less than liquid and liquid less than gases, but the fact is that an increase in temperature will cause the particle to vibrate more frequently and move more rapidly this movement in a plastic container with food item make the food particles and those of the plastic to interact with each other, this interaction might not reach its endpoint(particle refuse to return to their normal state) and some of the plastic particles ends up on our food which we later consume.

From the above illustration the plastic particle we inject into our system start to accumulate in our internal system and the long run causes complications or harm to our immune system and our body as a whole. Also, the use of generating plant (bad generating plant) releases more carbon into the atmosphere and since we have a fewer plant around us (as a result of deforestation) there isn’t a built-in system to take in this carbon and release oxygen to us so we end up taking part of this carbon and this might cause some side effect.

All the stuffs mention above has revealed how the evolution of the world in terms of tech has affected our health, this leaves us with some questions; Should we stop making use of tech tools? Should tech advancement me minimize? Is there a way we can make use of these tech tools without causing harm to our health? These questions and many more will be discussed in our subsequent post.

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