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In our previous post “Technologic advancement and human health”, we discussed some of the issues with tech tools and some of the damage it has been causing to our health, today we will be talking about some of this problems and how to tackle and defeat them.

So, let dive into these problems and provide a solution to each one:

1. Air pollution from transit vehicles:


Air pollution has been a major problem in the less developed countries and some developing counties because the use of unfit transport vehicles are common and there aren’t effective laws to help reduced or put an end to the usage of such vehicles, in developed counties has well where a numerous number of big firms that also generate air pollutants during productions. That been said we can see that the issue of air pollutions doesn’t exclude any region on earth so, we have to find a quick solution to this.


The best and simple solution to the issue of air pollution is that we should develop fewer system that burns fuel, this can be achieve by build cars be recharge using electricity, and power grid should generate power using the solar system or wind mills and also firms that produces large amount of air pollutants should be situated outside the city, and workers in such firms should make use of a filterable face mask.

2. Improper usages of mobile devices and other devices with screen:


We talked about the rays coming into our eye from devices with screen in our last post, the rays something affect our eye sight and this will lead to a damage I our wellbeing.


When using a screen enabled device put it away from you by certain reasonable distant for instant when setting up a TV you should make sure you purchase a TV with the appropriate size for your room, don’t buy a large TV for a small room (use smaller TV for bedrooms and if possible avoid use of TV in bedrooms). Also make use of anti-glare goggles if you will be working on a PC for a long time, also reduce the screen brightness when in a dark room (auto brightness settings is preferable so that the device can measure the light intensity in the room and make up for it).

3. Injection of chemical substance through food container:


Making use of plastic containers to heat up food substance and to perceive hot substances that will be later taking in, this was discussed in our last post, but I will be add that making use of plastic container to keep extremely cold substances can also be harmful when we take in the contents of those containers.


When preserving food, it is best to make use of aluminum containers instead of plastic containers, also make use of durable glass container to keep cold substance or to keep drinks in fridge instead of plastic, try and buy caned or bottled cold drinks instead of plastic ones.

Finally try and plant a tree in your surroundings today and support the green life (plant) so has to preserve your environment and make it inhabitable for future generations, for every tree cut down four (4) should be planted to replace it.

To get some tree seedling to plant check out the links below for your specific area:

If your location is not listed above let me Know, by leaving a comment in the comment section in this format [I will love to get a seedling in “your county name“]. {Provide a valid email address to receive update on where to get a seedling near you}.

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